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Dcs black shark apache mod

Dcs black shark apache mod

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Create a new mods folder for use with JSGME. Just when you thought that the hardcore simulation market was dead, along comes DCS Black Shark.

I used the Ka-50 Cockpit since this is a Mod. Сюда прежде всего относятся: детальная 3D модель, аэродинамика полета, физическая модель и модель разрушения. Avionics Flight systems include inertial navigation system INS , autopilot and head-up display HUD. Для вашего удобства мы сделали разделы, торрент фильмы которые можно , у нас самый большой ,где находятся все геймеры России и Украины,и не только они.

DCS: Black Shark + Mods/Mission (РС/RUS) - Инструктор в обучении спешит и выдает огромное количество информации, не оставляя времени на ее переваривание.


Just when you thought that the hardcore simulation market was dead, along comes DCS Black Shark. There are plenty of air combat games and simulations out there, but the list of them that are truly spectacular is short, Black Shark can I feel be proudly counted as one of them. While it may not raise the bar per say, Black Shark is a solid air combat simulation game that many simulation aficionados have been waiting for. It combines a high performance dual rotor system with a deadly weapons payload of guided missiles, rockets, bombs, and a 30mm cannon. The Ka-50 is also unique in that it has an ejection seat. Virtually every switch, button and dial functions in the cockpit and the advanced flight model provides an amazingly real sense of flight. About the Ka-50 Black Shark Ka-50 attack helicopter design The Ka-50 helicopter is a high performance combat helicopter designed for daytime, good weather combat. Extensive all-round armor installed in the cockpit protects the pilot against 12. The rotor blades are rated to withstand several hits of ground-based automatic weapons. The Ka-50 is the world's first operational helicopter with a rescue ejection system, which allows the pilot to escape at all altitudes and speeds. The K-37-800 rocket-assisted ejection system is manufactured by the Zvezda Research and Production Enterprise Joint Stock Company in the Moscow region. Weapons A combination of various armaments to a maximum weapon load of two tons can be selected according to the mission, including anti-tank missiles, unguided aerial rockets of different calibers, air-to-air missiles, guns, bombs and other weapons. The helicopter has small mid-mounted wings, fitted with four underwing suspension units and wingtip countermeasures pods. Up to 12 Vikhr supersonic anti-tank missiles can be mounted on the helicopter's two underwing external stores. The laserbeam-riding Vikhr missile is stated as having a target hit probability close to one, against a tank at a range of up to 8km, and the capability of penetrating all types of armor, including active armor up to 900mm thick. The Ka-50 is armed with a 2A42 quick-firing 30mm gun, which has an unrestricted azimuth and elevation range mounting for use against airborne or ground targets. The gun is equipped with 460 rounds of ammunition: two types being carried, high-fragmentation and explosive incendiary rounds and armor-piercing rounds. The pilot selects the type of ammunition in flight. The weight of the ammunition is 0. The gun provides an angular firing accuracy of two to 4mrad. Avionics Flight systems include inertial navigation system INS , autopilot and head-up display HUD. Sensors include forward-looking optical system called the Shkval. Countermeasures The Ka-50 is fitted with flare dispensers. Engines The Ka-50 is powered by two TV3-117VMA turboshafts engines, each providing 2,200hp 1,660kW. The engines are placed on either side of the fuselage to enhance the combat survivability. The helicopter also has an auxiliary power unit APU for self-contained operation.


Hold the weapons release while the target comes into frame for weapons release. After some hard work I finally got the AH-64A Apache working. I thought it was awesome, decent graphics, cool flight dynamics, very fun to play. The one I have currently is a bit crazy......... Одним из главных новшеств игры является подробная кликабельная 3D модель кокпита Ка-50 с полной поддержкой системы дистанционного управления камеры TrackIR 4.

DCS: World - Damaged F/A-18 landing on carrier deck - What a beauty!